To be truly devoted to an embodied and awake life, whether it is dancing, yoga, meditation, or making a sandwich, is a radical act! I believe that we can learn who we are by actively engaging with our physical experiences and my classes are very much about that. Through breath, mindfulness, and sensational awareness, I encourage commitment to the moment and willingness to dig in from a place of investigation and curiosity.

Our experiences are lived through our physical form, and the more we can develop an honest relationship with ourselves, the more we can show up wholeheartedly for our communities in this life we make together. I am passionate about sharing tools to cultivate more of that in our world. Underlying everything I do is an interest in transformation, awakening, and empowerment. My philosophy about yoga classes isn’t any different than my philosophy about dance class or art making:

To make art is a radical act. To make art of the body is the most radical act I can think of. To question, inquire deeply and take on challenging work with my body is an act of rebellion and a protest, but also an invitation for exchange and sincere offerings. I believe that revolution can be compassionate and empathetic even in the violent upheaval and dismantling of oppression and suffering- this is the tenet upon which I found my own body of dance work. Rewriting our own stories is part of that revolution. We have to shed light on dark places, lift the veil, and cleanse the wound, in order to move forward. We have to synthesize rather than segregate. We have to fight hard and with love. This is my radical act of social justice: to create embodied Art in honor of us, for all people who need a metamorphosis.