It's showtime

photo by Sarah Navarrete

photo by Sarah Navarrete

It was a wild fall season of process followed by 10-weeks of travel, and I am still taking it in. 6 weeks in Peru making my loneliest solo and two weeks in Mexico sharing with Desiree and Chelsea… whoa. I don’t think the words or pictures or videos I have are eloquent or expressive enough to capture what I experienced, but I know it is engrained in my body. 

 I’ve been back in San Diego for just over a month now... I've been sharing my adventures through conversations, dance classes, creative exchanges... I’m still digesting the past several months of new experiences; places, people, food, history, movement, culture all registering to me in a different way as I navigate this thing called home with new exposure nestled in my awareness. I had a blast. I felt a lot. I learned a ton. It was a whirlwind of satisfying moments. I feel like a sieve. I am allowing this integration of new me and old place to unfold as softly as I can. I feel like that hourglass keeping time in my film.

 And now I’m here and it’s mid spring. It's funny coming back to a place: it seems like very little has changed and at the same time so much is in transition around me. I am trying to keep up and also remember to go slow, one step at a time… but the steps jumble time a little. I feel like I am simultaneously on the first step of being HERE after all that process, which is also somehow the last step to this chapter of the loneliest part of here is now: a performance.

We’ve got dates and a venue. Geminelle is flying in from NYC to perform with us. It is going to be special and oh-so-satisfying. I hope you’ll join us as we share these stories in the flesh and on the screen, in close proximity to you <3
June 7 & 8 @ 7:30pm
White Box Live Arts
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