This gallery contains images from some of my recent works as well as a few favorites. Shout out to the talented women who dance them- without you these dances would not exist. Thank you to all of the photographers who captured the energy of these pieces so beautifully.


the loneliest part of here is now- live (2018)

Dancers: Desiree Cuizon, Zaquia Mahler Salinas, Chelsea Zeffiro

Photos by Jim Carmody (b&w) and Victor Blanco (color)

remember/forget (2017)

Dancers: Sarah Larson, Sandra Ruiz

Photos by Jim Carmody

TheHeadbangingHighKicks (2016)

Dancers: Desiree Cuizon, Sarah Clark, Sulijah Learmont, Sarah Larson, Sandra Ruiz

Desiree (2016)

Dancer: Desiree Cuizon

Photos by Jen Philips & Jim Carmody

Conocimiento (2014)

Dancers: Desiree Cuizon, Caitlin Franco, Sulijah Learmont, Sandra Ruiz

Photos by Sue Brenner

Hirudinea & Her Host (2014)

Dancers: Angelica Bell, Desiree Cuizon, Sarah Navarrete, Zaquia Mahler Salinas

Photos by Freya Fang